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In A New York Minute
Concierge & Lifestyle Management

The Hudson Valley´s Solution for a
Balanced Life, a Streamlined Business and a
Luxurious Escape from the Commonplace

About Us

After the birth of my second child, it became ever so apparent that juggling family, career and the daily routine was next to impossible. It was then that I began to look for solutions that would appeal not just to me, but for anyone who was in need of a second set of hands. I came across a few options that could help with simple tasks, but no one service offered the gift of time.

In A New York Minute was born out of necessity. I began to speak with others who found themselves in the same position. Each one of them was looking for the secret to the simple life. These same feelings resonated with everyone I spoke to. It was then I knew I could pull it all together and help make time for what matters most, life.

By coordinating and scheduling the professional and personal lives of others for the past 12 years, I have developed a solid background in organization and communication. Building upon these skills, I have launched In A New York Minute, a company that prides itself on doing the things you have to do so you can do the things you want to do.

As a dynamic and flexible service organization, our goal is to simplify our clients´ lives. In A New York Minute can be your personal assistant to listen to your needs, suggest solutions and execute tasks to make you happier and stress free. With our help, you can reclaim the greatest luxury in life, TIME, and spend it any way you like.

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