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Services That Benefit Your Employees

Experienced professionals know that employee satisfaction is critical to high performing teams. Studies have shown that individuals who are overworked and stressed show an increase in absenteeism and the amount of sick days taken throughout the year. According to a national survey conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide on work/life balance, 40% of employees put in overtime or take work home with them at least once a week and 75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while they are on the job.

By providing a dedicated company concierge service, employees are able to balance their work life and personal schedules more efficiently. Offering a concierge program as part of a company benefit package can also have a positive impact on employee morale, retention and recruitment efforts. In A New York Minute offers a variety of services and packages targeting employee work life balance. Monthly Memberships or Gift Certificates are also a great way to reward outstanding performers and key players in your organization.

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