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In A New York Minute
Concierge & Lifestyle Management

The Hudson Valley´s Solution for a
Balanced Life, a Streamlined Business and a
Luxurious Escape from the Commonplace


Lead Your Team to Success and
Increase Your Bottom Line.

In today´s competitive marketplace attracting and retaining top talent is critical. By offering a full time concierge, many companies have seen decreases in employee turnover, increased productivity and higher rates of overall job satisfaction. In A New York Minute Concierge and Lifestyle Management can create a custom solution for your business with on-site errand services designed to eliminate unnecessary day to day tasks for your employees.

Our concierge services can be offered as team incentives and bonus programs. Show your top talent that they are a valuable asset to the company. By providing work life balance to employees, you can express your commitment to their health and well being which fosters company loyalty across the entire team.

Adding a concierge service can also add value to any organization by providing a cost effective solution, saving time and money by eliminating the expense of taxes, insurance, and health benefits of having a full time employee for tight deadlines, special events or temporary projects.

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